How to fix repair your broke remote control for- TV, VCR, DVD Player, CD, Stereo, Receiver remote control. We have remote controls for Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Magnavox, Philips, JVC, Kenwood, RCA, GE, Proscan, Mitsubishi, etc. Fix my remote Universal codes

Remote Key-Pad Repair


Don’t put up with faulty keys on your remote control anymore!

If some of the keys on your remote have stopped working

or you have to push really hard to get them to work.

We have just the thing for you.

The biggest problem with the remote control and telephone is the keypads

conductivity with the circuit board.

It wears off making it unable to complete the circuit.

We have a product that coats the keypad

to make it function like new again.

It’s easy, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. 1.Remove Batteries.

  2. 2.Check your remote for any screws.

  3. 3.Normally it is very simple to open a remote, I use a dull knife, like in the picture, to work in the crack and pop it open.

Open your remote control

  1. 4.Once you have it open, make a note of any switches or loose pieces so you will know where they go when putting the remote back together.

  2. 5.Clean the circuit board and keypad to remove any dirt and oil. An old toothbrush and 409 formula works well to clean the keypad case. The best thing for the circuit board is rubbing alcohol. Just wipe it down with a cotton cloth and let everything dry out. you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying.

  3. 6.Dip a Q-tip in some alcohol or acetone to clean the black contacts on the keyboard that makes the connection to the circuit board.

  4. 7.Apply the conductive paint to the keypad contacts. The best way to do this is with the torn off end of a paper match. Dip the match in the paint and apply a thin coat.

Coat the keypad with our solution

NOTE: If the coating is too thick or contacts or board is not cleaned well, it can flake off and cause your remote to not work again, you will then have to re-clean the solution off the circuit board.

  1. 8.Let it dry for about an hour.

  2. 9.Carefully put it back together and the keypad will be like new again.

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